Great social distancing drive with the British Car Club.  Perfect weather and perfect time to get out of town.  We met in Newcastle, stopped by the Chickasha swap meet and drove on back roads down to Medicine Park.  One map I used said it was the ‘Ancient Mountains Tour’ and it was scenic.  Medicine park seems to be a thriving town now, and we lucked out as there was a car show!  Plenty of places to eat outside, many masks were seen.  (We skipped Meers Restaurant because it was dine in only).  Drove up Mt Scott which always provides great views.  Leaving Mt Scott was on 115 North which is a state designated scenic Hwy and for good reason.  Made it to Mountain View for gas and then headed east to Anadarko to the Range Winery (I saw this in the OK Tourism books).  The Reaves had to go back so they skipped it, and Dennis was going to skip it, but decided to stay for the wine tasting and had a big bonus!  The owner of the winery had an 86 DeLorean in the barn he bought new from Dub Richardson Ford and has been storing it since then.  Dennis had never sat in one, so this was his big chance. The owner reminded us the DeLorean is a British car since it was made in Ireland.

On the car front, Dean’s fuel pump went out, so Michael (who was riding with him) went back and got Michael’s Swedish car and drive that. They met us in Chickasha, and Dane Marable met us for lunch.  Rounding out the cars were the Reaves family in the Mini, Teddy and Nancy in their mini (which lost a wheel bearing towards the end of the trip, but they were able to limp home) Dana and I in the 3000, and Dennis in the TR6.


Overall it was 235 miles,10 hours, and a perfect day.

P.S. I forgot to say that the winner of the Poker Hand was Dane, but since he drove a Non-British car, he voluntarily gave it to the second place hand, which was Ryan and Jenni's daughter (who rode in the back of the Mini all day.) What a gentleman!

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For information on the club, contact Chuck Anderson at or call (405) 990-6889

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